A feature presentation of Hamilton Winterfest.

As the day blends into night throughout the winter season, the Winterfest Hub becomes a home for artists working in light, video and sound with our icebergs as their canvas.

Through the generous support of our sponsor The Hamilton Oshawa Port Authority, and the technical support of Hamilton Video & Sound and SONY, we’re entering our second year of presenting a large-scale projection art.

This year, an artistic team of accomplished local artists have created Drift. Their work is screened on the canvas of the icebergs in our 360-degree experience.

“Slowly now I drifted, dreaming.”

The Iceberg, Charles G. D. Roberts

Drift is an abstract video projection inspired by the long, slowly drifting journey of an iceberg and its gradual transformation over time.

This large-scale installation combines the vibrant energy of refracted light, experimental video and abstract soundscape, exploring themes of time and memory, and how echoes from the past are repeated in the present.

With icebergs as our canvas, issues around water and the environment are on our minds, informing our creation of this artwork. Drift’s soundscape applies recordings of voice, skin, wood, metal and synthetic fantasy to animate the shifting present.

Sponsored by:

Technical Support by:

HOPA Ports

Artistic Team

Project conceived by: Vanessa Crosbie Ramsay, Aaron Hutchinson, Dima Matar, Amy McIntosh, Andrew O’Connor, and Tyler Tekatch

Featured collaborators: Hadihawis Armand Parent, Stefan Kitai