Flock by Hamilton Aerial Group

FLOCK: a group of animals (such as birds or sheep) assembled or herded together.

In these times birds have become symbolic of the freedom of movement and community we so miss. In “FLOCK,” Hamilton Aerial Group uses shadow puppetry and the human figure to depict an abstract story of freedom, togetherness, independence and hope.

HAG departs from their usual elaborately costumed aerial pantomimes to create a beautifully distilled performance in silhouette.

Since 2010 HAG has been delighting audiences with their thoughtful, beautifully crafted thematic performances featuring vertical dance, puppetry and stilt performance.

“Flock” will be presented as a projection art piece on the icebergs as part of the 360 Winterfest Hub.


Performers: Lori Le Mare, Tanis MacArthur, Grace Loney, Stephanie Park, Theo Alexander Park, Tammy Penny, Michelle Prosek, Asia Laviolette, Emma de Bono, Emma Smith, Lisa Crapsi, Tricia Cook, Sarah Perkins, Sarah Mayo, Maria Hay, Diane McGrath-Lokos, Luella Mac Mahon

Original Music: Geoff Ball

Shadow Bird Puppetry: Melanie Skene

Conception and Editing: Lori LeMare

Murmuration Videos: Robert Hodgin

Flock of Bird Footage: Will Colby

Photo credit @SuZImageZ