Moonshaker by Clairandean

Moonshaker is an exploration of space and moving the body freely in natural as well as manufactured environments.

These two video pieces use a split screen to illustrate duality, balance and fluidity. Exploring movements inspired by interpretative dance, pilates and yoga the movements in this piece are meant to create a quiet container: A space where the viewer can observe and contemplate mindful movement and ritual. Ritual that supports inner peace, moments of silence and inner reflection.

It is a soft, tender meditation of the body and space seeking to invite the viewer into visual intimacy and calm.

Artist Collaborators

Clairandean Humphrey
Multidisciplinary Artist, Movement Instructor and Tarot Reader.

Mark W. Preston
Multimedia Artist, Editor, and Filmmaker.

Ariel Bader-Shamai
Artist and Photographer.

Cale Bradbury
Multidisciplinary Creator and Sound Design.