The Arctic Fox:


Each year, Hamilton Winterfest creates a new piece of winter public art. This year we were thrilled to partner with both the City of Hamilton and Royal Botanical Gardens to create The Arctic Fox, a series of massive inflatable sculptures.

The Arctic Fox lives in Canada’s coldest environment, the tundra. This small canine is well adapted to the Arctic’s frigid temperatures. Arctic Fox don’t shiver until temperatures reach -70 degrees Celsius when they will curl up in a cozy ball to maintain body heat.

Using their keen sense of hearing and smell, Arctic Fox prey on small creatures, fish and birds which are often found beneath the snow that covers much of their habitat. Putting their bouncy back legs to work, they launch themselves into the air and dive nose first into the snow to snag their dinner.

The Arctic Fox installation was conceived of by Hamilton Winterfest co-producer Cobalt Connects, then designed and fabricated by Hamilton artist Tanis MacArthur.

The Arctic Fox premiered at the Royal Botanical Gardens Winter Lights throughout December and will be on view during the Hamilton Winterfest at John & Rebecca Park on February 5th and 12th.

Artist: Tanis MacArthur


Tanis Sydney MacArthur has been an independent costumier for performing artists for more than 20 years. She is also an interpretive dance artist, aerialist and stilt walker. She has been a member of Hamilton Aerial Group (HAG) since 2010. She creates the majority of the costuming for HAG and has also costumed Femmes du Feu, Fly With Me Aerial Dance, Steel the Sky Aerial Arts, Team T&J, Mabel Moon, Learie McNicolls, Red Betty Theatre, Aoucheva Dance Studio, Indicaba Dance Theatrics, d a d a d a n c e, Inner City Dance Company, Defining Movement Dance Company, Expressions Dance Studio, Hamilton Dance Company, MacDancers, Parahumans, Momo Dance, KSWhyte-motions, the Acromaniacs, Andrea Frolic and Artword Theatre. She placed third nationally in the Smirnoff International Fashion Awards 1994, regularly contributed original designs to Fashion Cares and served as designer and key wardrobe for the film A Windigo Tale.

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