The MMOMA (Mapleside Museum of Miniature Art)

The MMOMA: Mapleside Museum of Miniature Art

The MMOMA (Mapleside Museum of Miniature Art), located at 33 Mapleside Ave., is one of the newest, and tiniest art galleries to pop up in Hamilton!

A compact gallery space that features an ever evolving exhibition of miniature art, both two and three dimensional artwork, created by artists and makers of any age and ability in the surrounding community.  Designed in a similar vein to the little free libraries you see dotting neighbourhoods, the MMOMA invites people to TAKE a piece of ART, LEAVE a piece of ART or better yet, DO BOTH!  Within the gallery, there are art supplies that artists can take in order to make more art to contribute.

The gallery is always open for a visit, and when you do stop by, don’t forget to take a peak in the artist’s loft above the main gallery, with lots of miniature discoveries to be made.

Free. All ages.

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