Hamilton Winterfest Scratch Studio

SCRATCH is an amazing online platform created by the brilliant minds of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. With SCRATCH kids can create their own interactive stories, games and animations – and share their creations with thousands of other kids from around the world.

Partnering with the team of artists and media makers at the Factory Media Arts Centre, Hamilton Winterfest will bring you a new customized SCRATCH animation in our Studio everyday throughout Winterfest. The best thing about SCRATCH is that you can see how we made each piece, and even Remix it adding your special twist.

To give you a fun place to start we’ve created a few fun characters to get you started.

Bear sitting on a log, having a drink.
Red flower.
Family holding hands and walking.

Download the pictures above to use in SCRATCH. Click on the picture to see the big version. Then right-click and choose save.

Go get started:

Factory Media Centre
Scratch Studio Creators

  • Kristina Durka
  • John Hill
  • Tee Kundu
  • Katherine Diemert
  • MJ Hwangbo
Factory Media Centre