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Baffin - Born in the North. 1979.

Iceberg Expedition

Just like BAFFIN, the Iceberg Expedition was ‘born in the North’. Grab a snack or a hot chocolate and follow the  sparkling lights out in the darkness and explore four massive inflatable icebergs created by local artist Tanis  MacArthur.

Filled with colour-changing LED lights and a contemporary dance piece byAeris Korper, the Iceberg Expedition is fun for all ages, and even helps you get those winter steps in.

Complete the trek and you’ll earn your first Hamilton Winterfest badge, a limited-edition perk to the first 1000 guests!

Iceberg Expedition - Baffin - Hamilton Winterfest
Iceberg Installation
Iceberg Installation
Iceberg Installation
HOPA Ports

Music Dome

The Hamilton Port Authority has been a partner of Hamilton Winterfest for years, and this year they’ve taken on a new role as our Music Dome sponsor. Created by GeoDomes Canada right here in Hamilton, our musicians will perform
inside a 22-foot-wide geodesic dome, keeping them warm and safe from the elements.

Over the three weeks of Hamilton Winterfest, more than 30 musical acts will perform inside the HOPA Music Dome, bringing you an incredible range of local and regional acts including…

Heather Valley

James N. Wilson


Golden Feather

The Vaudvillian

Working with a team of local curators representing a diverse mix of artists, crafters and product developers, we’ve created a Winter Market like no other. Working with GeoDomes Canada, based here in Ancaster, we’re building three 22-foot-wide geodesic domes, each one filled with works for show and sale by the artists.

Set inside the stone wall garden of Auchmar’s stunning grounds, the domes will be covered by the remarkable work of Mi’kmaq artist Jordan Bennett. By day and night, the market domes will be a welcome punch of colour and collaboration that we all need to fight the Winter blahs.

Jordan Bennett: Jordan’s practice utilizes painting, sculpture, video, installation and sound to explore land, language, the act of visiting, familial histories and challenging colonial perceptions of indigenous histories, stereotypes and presence with a focus on exploring Mi’kmaq and Beothuk visual culture of Ktaqamkuk. In the past 10 years Jordan has participated in over 75 group and solo exhibitions nationally and internationally. He has been the recipient of several awards and honours, most notably he has been long listed for the 2015 and 2016 Sobey Art Award, was shortlisted for the 2018 Awards and was a long list winner in 2020. The artist is a 2019 recipient of the Van Houtte Masters’ Fund Program and the Nova Scotia Lieutenant General Masterworks Award in 2020. Bennett is partnered with IOTA Studios.

Market Domes

Canada Geese Flying

Fly South!

Continuing our love of winter animals, we’ve created a flock of oversized geese that will be suspended thirty feet in the air.

Filled with LED lights, the geese will travel along a seventy-fivefoot-long flight path in the sky powered by YOU!

“The Journey” Mural

In 1858, Auchmar was home to one of the first Emancipation Day celebrations in Hamilton’s history, a date that has finally been made an official National holiday. Emancipation Day is the anniversary of when Britian’s Parliament abolished slavery in the British Empire in 1834, but as a community we’ve seen far too starkly how racial injustices still exist today.

In partnership with the Afro Canadian Caribbean Association (ACCA), the festival has commissioned a mural by local Black artist Israel A. Crooks focused on celebrating the vibrancy and culture of the Black community in Hamilton.

In addition to the mural, we’ll also be hosting a Pop-Up Griot with ACCA, bringing musicians, poets and performers from the Black community to the forefront of the Winterfest Hub programming.

This mural commission is proudly by supported by Bell Canada.

Israel Anthony Crooks has been painting since he was a young boy. Following his passion, Israel has studied fine art in Hamilton and Toronto, and has focused his work on mastering the portrait. “A portrait should express the essence of the subject and I love the challenge in capturing it. I strive to meld the physical and spiritual characteristics of each person I paint in the most telling piece possible”.


Cogeco Food Zone

At the centre of so many winter memories we find food! Whether it’s part of a family or cultural tradition, or simply the joy of seeing marshmallows bobbing in a warm cup of hot chocolate – the flavours and aromas of winter truly help bring a Winterfest festival to life.

Thanks to the support of COGECO, Winterfest has the pleasure of inviting an eclectic mix of food vendors to the centre of our site at Auchmar. Under two massive oak trees covered in twinkle lights you’ll enjoy the best out city has to offer from the culinary community.

Food vendors change every weekend so you can come back again and again!

Soup and ingredients on a table.
LiUNA! 837

Free Hot Chocolate!

As is the tradition at Winterfest, we’ll be serving up free hot chocolate, all thanks to our amazing sponsor LIUNA 837!

Mug of Hot Chocolate