Hamilton Winterfest Magazine

The Official Guide to Winter in Hamilton!

To promote all the magic that is Winterfest this year we wanted to bring the message right to your front door. With lots of changes in how local media is being produced we decided the best way to do that was to create our own magazine and distribute it in multiple ways.


Hamilton Winterfest Magazine is a full-colour 28-page magazine with articles, event calendars, feature programming and advertising from supporting cultural organizations and partners in the community.

We’re distributing 50,000 copies city wide – from Ancaster to Stoney Creek, Waterdown to the Waterfront. Half will be delivered to your door through Canada Post, others you’ll find in rinks and coffee shops, hotels and cultural hot spots.


We hope you enjoy the content and we look growing this publication and our distribution in future years. If you didn’t manage to find a copy in your community, please feel free to download and the magazine from the link below: HAMILTON WINTERFEST MAGAZINE