Winterfest Short Films Screening

Hamilton Winterfest presents a selection of short films from the National Film Board of Canada reflecting on winter stories and experiences from across Canada. Enjoy these short films at the Hamilton Waterfront Trust Centre (57 Discovery Drive, Hamilton) theatre during Winterfest signature events. See the dates and times below, as well as our film program.

Thank you to our film sponsor:  National Film Board of Canada.


  • Feb 7th @7pm -10pm – Hamilton Waterfront Trust Centre – Theatre
  • Feb 8th @7-10pm – Hamilton Waterfront Trust Centre – Theatre
  • Feb 9th @11am – 5pm – Hamilton Waterfront Trust Centre – Theatre
  • Feb 12th-15th @7pm – 10:00pm – Hamilton Waterfront Trust Centre – Theatre
  • Feb 17th @9am – 3pm – Hamilton Waterfront Trust Centre – Theatre

Film Program:

Snow Warrior

Frederick Kroetsch ​& ​Kurt Spenrath, 2018 | 8 min Snow Warrior is a love letter to the splendour of winter.It captures the beauty of a northern city through the eyes of a bicycle courier named Mariah. We see her ready herself and her bike for a grueling day’s work of racing through the snow and traffic to get her deliveries into the hands of her customers.

T​he Ride

Gerald Potterton, 1963 | 6 min
From Gerald Potterton (director of the cult classic ​Heavy Metal​ ), this short film depicts the daydream of a chauffeur awaiting his employer. On a hot summer day, he begins to imagine that it’s winter—the residential street where he’s parked transforms into snowy mountains, and a series of comic misadventures begin. As the car is replaced by a toboggan, it carries the tycoon away on a dizzying ride. The chase includes some unforgettable antics in the snow, including a piggyback ride on an incredulous skier.


Carrie Mombourquette, 2012 | 1 min
In this short animation, a polar bear must try his luck finding a job in the big city when the last of his Arctic ice environment disappears. It’s hard fitting into the human world, however, so this bear finds a more creative solution to his predicament.
This film was made as part of the 8th edition of the NFB’s​ Hothouse​ apprenticeship.

It’s Snow

Gayle Thomas, 1974 | 5 min
Colour cut-out animation inspired by the shape of snowflakes and touched with the airy magic of these fragile designs. While music tinkles invitingly, snowflakes roll and whirl, pulse and glitter, shining with the many hues of twinkling lights. Made without words, this is a joyous film to please the fancy and captivate eye and ear. ​

Stories from Our Land 1.5: If You Want to Get Married… You Have to Learn How to Build an Igloo!

Allen Auksaq, 2011 | 5 min
In the spirit of the 1949 NFB classic ​How to Build an Igloo​ , this short film records Dean Ittuksarjuat as he constructs the traditional Inuit home. From the first cut of the snow knife, to the carving of the entrance after the last block of snow has been placed on the roof, this is an inside-and-out look at the entire fascinating process.
Stories from Our Land: 1.5​ gave 6 Nunavut filmmakers the opportunity to each create a 5-minute short. Each film had to be made without the use of interviews or narration while telling a northern story from a northern perspective. The project was a collaboration between the NFB and the Nunavut Film Development Corporation.

Vistas: The Visit

Lisa Jackson ​2009 | 3 min
This animated short tells the true story of a Cree family’s strange encounter one winter night, which results in a conversation beyond words. ​Vistas​ is a series of 13 short films on nationhood from 13 Indigenous filmmakers from Halifax to Vancouver. It was a collaborative project between the NFB and APTN to bring Indigenous perspectives and stories to an international audience. ​

Spare Change

Laurie Gordon ​& ​Ryan Larkin 2008 | 7 min
This animation short by Ryan Larkin (​Walking​ , ​Street Musique​ , etc.) recounts some “comical experiences” Larkin had during his many years as a panhandler in Montreal. It tells the story of Astral Pan, a street beggar (voiced by Larkin himself), who takes us on a wild journey from the sidewalks of a wintry Montreal day, to the gates of Heaven and Hell and back. The great filmmaker passed away before finishing his film. ​Spare Change​ was completed by a friend, producer and singer-songwriter Laurie Gordon, assisted by a team of young, devoted animators.

Cold Fronts

Murray Siple 2010 | 6 min
Director Murray Siples’ love/hate letter to Vancouver weather captures both the mundane and the thrilling experience of living on the West (wet) Coast. The winter rain colours every aspect of city life, but people cope, wielding umbrellas like swords, clutching coats and hats against the constant deluge. A personal take on one man’s experience of the winter, ​Cold Fronts​ is a kaleidoscopic view of the collision point between nature and the city.


Iriz Pääbo
2008 | 4 min

In this short abstract-impressionist film the animation and music were made simultaneously in an organic process of symbiotic creativity. Filmmaker Iriz Pääbo tells the highly subjective story of a complete hockey game using a new cinematic vocabulary she calls “animbits.” Pääbo readily admits she is not the biggest fan of Canada’s national game, so the great, though highly underappreciated NHL stalwart of the ’60s and ’70s, Eric Nesterenko, was her hockey muse in this artistic journey. A lyrical and wonderfully unorthodox interpretation of hockey.