Call for Vendors

Hamilton Winterfest

Last year marked the 40th anniversary of Winterfest in Hamilton. Started by a group of intrepid community-builders, Winterfest was established as a community-led program. Neighbourhood groups, schools, arts organizations and City facilities created programming aimed at bringing residents out of their homes during the frosty days of February. With a growing community and increased demand for engaging cultural and recreation offerings in the winter, the City of Hamilton has engaged Cobalt Connects, a well-known local arts service organization, to lead the management and growth of Winterfest.   We aim to enhance local efforts, while building Winterfest into Hamilton’s signature snowy festival. 

Signature Events –  The Canteen

As an anchor to Winterfest, Cobalt Connects is creating a mobile festival that will travel across the city called The Canteen. The Canteen is a series of three retrofitted camper trailers and three utility trailers that will become hubs for activity onsite including: a hot drink station, food, public art, live music and a winter obstacle course.


Winter Market

In addition to these elements, Cobalt Connects will be adding a small, well-curated market place of 8-10 vendors:

Winter Market vendors could be:

  • Handmade craft or original art (i.e. fashion and accessories, jewellery, ceramics, wood, glass, photography, paintings, prints, etc.)
  • Artisanal food or body care products
  • Retailers (new or vintage) who specialize in winter-specific products such as boots, winter clothes, winter sporting items, winter travel, etc.
  • BIAs or Business districts promoting their destination (i.e. King William restaurants, Locke Street BIA, etc.)
  • Other winter events or facilities wishing to promote their experience

Winter Market vendors cannot be:

  • Hot food or drink vendors of any kind

Vendor Details:

To ensure a consistent experience for our audience, Winterfest will be providing all vendors with a 10 x 10 tent, table, chair and lighting. Vendors will not be permitted to bring their own tent, but can bring other display elements (tables, racks, etc.) as needed to create the best vendor/patron experience.

Tents and tables will be set-up in advance by Winterfest staff and volunteers.


The Canteen will be travelling to 7 unique locations across Hamilton in conjunction with other programming.

The schedule and locations for The Canteen will be as follows:

Location 1:

February 2                10am-11pm                 Gage Park

Location 2:

February 3                 10am to 5pm              Gourley Park

Location 3:

February 9                 10am-11pm                 Memorial Park (Waterdown)

Location 4:

February 10                10am to 5pm             RBG Arboretum

Location 5:

February 16                 10am-11pm                Battlefield Park

Location 6:

February 18                 10am to 5pm             Dundas Driving Park

  • 10 X 10 Booth / Single Location $250
  • 10 X 10 Booth / 3 Locations or more $200 / location

All fees must be paid by January 15th

Vendor Application: